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Neisson Distillery

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Neisson Rhum Agricole Blanc
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Freshly-harvested sugar cane dominates the aroma and carries through the body highlighted with liberal citrus, fruit and floral notes. The fresh sugar cane taste continues into the rich, clean finish. Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice grown only on the...

Neisson Rhum Blanc 105
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Citrus, tropical fruit aromas and the signature grassy finish in this overproof Rhum Agricole from Neisson.

Neisson Rhum Réserve Spéciale
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Neisson Rhum Agricole Réserve Spéciale is characterized by a rich aroma of dark fruit and roasted nuts leading to a hearty body of fruit, nuts, smoky oak and vanilla followed by hints of spice in the warm, lingering finish.The premium...

Neisson Rhum Profil 105
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The soft copper hue of the spirit and light citrus, roasted coffee and balsamic notes in the aroma are the first indications that this is special rhum. Warm spice, smoky oak and dark fruit fill the body of this aged...

Neisson Rhum Élevé Sous Bois
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Slight oak and vanilla flavor blend with the freshly-harvested sugar cane aroma of Neisson Rhum Agricole Éleve Sous Bois. Rich in citrus, fruit and tropical florals, the golden color portends the oak, tropical nut and vanilla flavors in the finish.A...

Neisson Rhum Organic
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Organic production results in bolder sugar cane and fruit aromas, a complex body of citrus – orange, grapefruit, pineapple, and a long grassy finish.The first certified Organic AOC rhum agricole from Martinique. Organic by Neisson is bottled at 52.5% ABV....

Neisson Rhum L'Esprit
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During the six-month rhum making season the cane, fermentation and distillation varies. When everything is just right, Gregory Neisson puts some of this distillate aside to be bottled as l'Esprit. This spirit of Neisson is bottled at 70% ABV, only...

Neisson Rhum Vieux Par Neisson
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Tropical fruit and roasted nuts in the aroma lead to a rich palate of fruit, nutmeg, coconut, and finally followed by a slightly smoky oak finish. 45% ABV suits this aged rhum agricole well. "Elegant balance" sums up this rhum...

Neisson Rhum Agricole 18 Year Old
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Neisson 18 Year Old rum. Aged 18 years in new Sequin Moreau Limousin Oak barrels. Only about 50 barrels of this rhum were put away 18 years ago. Less than six barrels of this rhum were bottled. Liters were only...

Neisson Rhum Agricole 15 Year Old
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Neisson 15 Year Old rum. Aged 15 years in new Sequin Moreau Limousin Oak barrels. Only about 45 barrels of this rhum were put away 15 years ago. Less than five barrels of this rhum were bottled. Liters were only...