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Mikkeller San Diego

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Mikkeller San Diego Traeblod
Sold out

Traeblod is an imperial stout brewed with maple and coffee. These 16oz cans clock in at 11%!

Mikkeller San Diego Beer Geek Peanut Butter Shake
Sold out

Imperial Stout brewed with coffee, cocoa nibs & peanut butter

Mikkeller San Diego Diamond Waves
Sold out

Hoppy Lager brewed with white grape juice, key lime, and guava.

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Mikkeller Brewing Raspberry Blush
Sold out

Berliner style Weisse beer brewed with raspberries & coffee.

Mikkeller Spontanfigs
Sold out

Belgian Fruit Lambic brewed with figs and aged in Oak Barrels.