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Mezcal Unión

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Mezcal Unión El Viejo
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Tasting Notes: Astringent, Dry, Butter, Herbs (mint, pine), Flowery, Sweet, Stone and New Woods.Smell in the Mouth: The first drink reveals its 100% artisan process with oak woods and mesquite. After you feel the agave caramelized notes, then flowery herbs...

Mezcal Unión Joven Tequila
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100% Agave. 8 year-old Agave Espadian & 20 year-old Agave Cirial.Tasting Notes: Sweet, Fruity (pear, apple), Smoked, Herbs (mint, peppermint), Wet earth and Wood.Smell in the Mouth: Initially, it reveals its production process in an artisanal way with oak firewood....