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McKenzie Whiskey

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McKenzie Bottled in Bond Wheated Bourbon
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By law the bottled in bond is at least 4 years old, but some of the whiskey here is substantially older than that. The rich and creamy texture is perfect at 100 proof. The distillation ends at a slightly lower...

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McKenzie Straight Rye Whiskey
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McKenzie Straight Rye Whiskey is made from local rye grain and is distilled using old-time techniques. This whiskey is aged in new charred oak casks and finished in sherry barrels from local wineries. The sherry balances the spiciness of the...

McKenzie Pure Pot Still Whiskey
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McKenzie Pure Pot Still Whiskey is our take on an Irish-style whiskey - soft, smooth and easy drinking. We use a combination of locally-grown un-malted barley, malted barley and oats. The whiskey is aged in our used Bourbon and Rye...