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Mañana Tequila

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Mañana Extra Anejo Tequila
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100% Agave Extra Anejo Tequila made in Mexico. 750mLNOM:1560,AGAVE TYPE:Tequilana Weber,AGAVE REGION:Jalisco (Tequila Valley),REGION:Jalisco (Los Valles),COOKING:Stone/Brick Ovens,EXTRACTION:Roller Mill,WATER SOURCE:Deep well water,FERMENTATION:Stainless steel tanks, 100% agave,DISTILLATION:2x distilled,STILL:Copper Pot,AGING:American White Oak barrels

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Mañana Anejo Tequila
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Tequila Mañana Añejo: The golden jewel of the crown. Most tequilas earn the “Añejo” category after spending one year in a cask. Our superb, uniquely smooth Añejo spends 2 long years in special casks imported from Milwaukee, USA, before turning...

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Mañana Plata Blanco Tequila
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Mañana Tequila Blanco: the taste of pure joy. Mañana Blanco goes from the still to the bottle, preserving a pristine taste of Agave and its unique bouquet. An ideal aperitif with smooth and full flavor, to be enjoyed straight with...