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Malahat Spirits

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Malahat Spirits Spiced Rum
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The Malahat Spirits Spiced Rum recipe was five months in the making. We took every herb and spice that we could find and monitored them separately in our Rum to see what flavors we wanted in our Spiced Rum. The...

Malahat Spirits Ginger Rum
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Malahat Spirits Ginger Rum comes from passion for innovation. Many experiments never made it to the bar, but Ginger perfectly complements rums. The approach is consistent with every spirit made.The Ginger Rum is smooth and clean. It pulls the sweetness...

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Malahat Spirits White Rum
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We searched for every molasses we could find and combined it with every yeast that we thought might work. For months, we distilled every combination on the experimental still. After many dozens of runs, we developed our proprietary combination of...

Malahat Spirits Cabernet Barrel Aged Rum
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Fragrant with hints of vanilla and fruit expressions from the Napa and Alexander Valley cabernet sauvignon barrels in which they are aged.Clean and elegant palate with cabernet notes. Well balanced and smooth from start to finish.DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL WINNER -...

Malahat Spirits Rye Whiskey
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The aromas are sweet with hints of caramel. The experience is incredibly clean and smooth. From start to finish, the entire palate is led with the spiciness of the 100% rye grains.The expressions are silky so as not to overpower...