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Legendario Domingo

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Mezcal Legendario Domingo Cupreata
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Legendario Domingo Cupreata is made in the wild hills of Guerrero, Mexico. It has dynamic notes of fresh herbs and cucumber. This mezcal is made with wild agave Cupreata in Apango, Guerrero, by the Alcaraz Family. It has aromas of cedar,...

Mezcal Legendario Domingo Cenizo
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Legendario Domingo Cenizo is made with Maguey cenizo in Nombre de Dios, Durango by the familia mezcalera Colón. The agaves are cooked in an underground oven, milled with an electric shredder, fermented in wooden tanks, and distilled in an alembic still...

Mezcal Legendario Domingo Ensamble
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Legendario Domingo Ensamble is made in Pie de la Meza, Michoacan. It has notes of hazelnut and toasted peanuts, almonds and pine, green apples, and ripe pineapple. Legendario Domingo Ensamble is made from wild maguey Cenizo/Sahuayenses (agave Americana) and maguey...

Mezcal Legendario Domingo Espadin Joven
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Legendario Domingo Espadin Joven is made in the village of San Luis del Rio, Oaxaca. It's produced by Maestro Mezcalero Gregorio Velasco. It has mature citrus aromas that mix nicely with the presence of sweet cooked agave. Those aromas are...