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Herradura Legend Anejo Tequila
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Tequila Herradura is proud to present Legend, a unique Anejo tequila that showcases our sophistication in barrel making.Tequila Herradura Legend is made from the finest 100% blue agave, naturally fermented, distilled, and then matured for 14 months in heavily charred,...

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Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila
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Herradura's Anejo tequila provides the base for Herradura ULTRA. The Anejo is blended with premium Extra Anejo that has been aged for up to 49 months in American White Oak barrels. A subtle hint of agave nectar is added before...

Herradura Reposado Tequila
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Aged 9 months longer than industry standards, Herradura Reposado has a rich amber color with notes of cooked agave, vanilla and butter. This additional time spent resting in charred American White Oak barrels creates a smooth, sweet finish with a...

Herradura 150 Aniversario Extra Anejo Tequila
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Tequila Herradura 150 Aniversario Limited Production One Time Offering. In honor of our 150th Anniversary, we proudly present Tequila Herradura Aniversario - a 100 month aged Extra Añejo. Made from time honored traditional methods, we aged the finest Blue Weber...

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Herradura Seleccion Suprema Extra Anejo Tequila
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Incredibly complex yet impossibly smooth. Aged for an incredible 49 months in American White Oak barrels, Herradura Selección Suprema is our most premium ultra-rested tequila. Extra aging creates a tequila of an extremely rich, dark amber color with cooked agave,...

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Herradura Silver Tequila
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Herradura Silver owes its distinctly sweet taste of agave and subtle oak notes to resting for an impressive 45 days beyond the industry standard in American White Oak barrels.

Herradura Anejo Tequila
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Aged to perfection. Blending modern and traditional distilling techniques, añejo was first introduced to the world by Casa Herradura in 1962. Since then Herradura Añejo has aged in American White Oak barrels for 25 months – an incredible 13 months...