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George Dickel

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George Dickel 11 Year Hand Selected Barrel 'Dickel-Generation X'
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Charcoal mellowing and our unique aging process form a smooth, premium whisky that stands in a class all by itself. A perfectly balanced, rich and silky taste with hints of vanilla, spice and charcoal. Selected in collaboration with Chip's Liquor, Dickel...

George Dickel Single Barrel 15 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey
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As our whisky ages and mellows, each barrel imparts its own unique taste and aroma ensuring that no two are the same. Some barrels develop a particularly special character that deserves even more time in barrel to fully develop. That’s...

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George Dickel Barrel Select
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Our very finest whisky, for the truly discerning whisky drinker. Only 10 barrels are hand-selected by our Distiller for this small-batch handcrafted whisky. Aged between 10 and 12 years.Charcoal mellowing and our unique aging process form a smooth, premium whisky...

George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend Rye
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George Dickel has teamed up with the Leopold Bros to produce an innovative rye whisky offering.The release blends George Dickel’s column still rye produced at Cascade Hallow Distillery with Leopold Bros’ Three Chamber Rye to recreate a historic style. This...

George Dickel Bottled In Bond 13 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey 2008
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George Dickel Bottled in Bond Tennessee Whisky is a limited release, 13-year-old whisky that offers a bold and assertive profile with a well-balanced finish highlighted by tastes of light honey, tropical fruit, warm spices, and a touch of leather. Wine...

George Dickel 17 Year Old Reserve Cask Strength Tennessee Whiskey
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George Dickel is pleased to bring back its 17 Year Old Reserve Tennessee whisky, which was previously only available for a limited time. This rare, aged whisky has a woody, robust flavor profile and features aromas of crème brûlée, apricots,...