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Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry Cava Champagne
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Cordon Negro Extra Dry was introduced in 1990 to appeal to changing customer preferences. Updated to trend along with more modern palates, Cordon Negro Brut Extra Dry is a crisp sparkling wine with just a nuance of sweetness, making it...

Freixenet Cordon Negro Rosé Cava Champagne
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Freixenet Cordon Negro Rosé sparkling wine delivers a premium, smooth, soft glass of bubbly with an appealing color and a delightfully long finish. This beautiful cava stands alone as an elegant choice with its fruity vanilla aroma and pleasantly balanced...

Freixenet Ice Cuvee Cava Champagne
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Freixenet ICE Cuvée is the new refreshing way to drink Freixenet. With its enigmatic bottle design and enticing serve over ice, Freixenet ICE Cuvée brings a new dimension to the sparkling wine category. Fine bubbles, peach and ripe pear flavours,...