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Freeland Spirits Bourbon Whiskey
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Freeland Bourbon pays homage to the South, and to Grandma Freeland, the namesake of Freeland Spirits. Soft caramel, vanilla and spice blend into the whiskey from charred American oak barrels. A final rest in Oregon’s Elk Cove Pinot Noir barrels...

Freeland Spirits Geneva Gin
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When sipped with the Dutch, genever is served in a tulip shaped glass alongside a refreshing pilsner. Layered flavors of spice and grain flood the palate while warming the heart. Aromas dominated by grain and juniper evolve to malty richness...

Freeland Spirits Gin
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Freeland Spirits Gin is small batch crafted using a unique blend of traditional heat distillation along with vacuum distillation, which allows us to use fresh, Pacific Northwest ingredients. Fresh herbal essences of rosemary, mint and crisp cucumber lift the nose....