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Epic Brewing

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Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist Peanut Butter Cup
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Peanut Butter Cup simply adds peanuts to create the chocolate-peanut butter combination that goes well with the dark flavors of the Baptist line.

Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist Chocolate Rapture
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Chocolate Rapture pushes the boundaries of cacao and adds a touch of vanilla without overwhelming the barrel aged stout. The result is a super decadent stout that goes down richly and will satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist Reserve
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Every year our brewers set aside some of the best tasting barrels to make a special blend. Sometimes sourced from single barrels, sometimes a blend of many, Reserve is an exercise in subtlety and nuance. Each flavoring component is added...

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Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist
Sold out

Stout with cacao nibs and coffee added and aged in Whiskey Barrels.