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Don Amado

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Rancho De La Luna Mezcal
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RANCHO de la LUNA MEZCAL is hand-crafted and bottled with the same generous spirits of warm hospitality, creativity, and attention to detail that has made the RANCHO de la LUNA recording studio a destination for artists, and a beacon for...

Don Amado Mezcal Reposado
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An homage to the popular history of Oaxacan clay-pot mezcal aged in brandy barrels, Don Amado Reposado uses exhausted brandy barrels from Pedro Domecq to create a nostalgic flavor of earthen-smoked agave with the soft caramel and butterscotch notes of...

Don Amado Mezcal Rustico
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The flagship expression of the Real de Minas Distillery, Don Amado Rústico is made using the historic method of slowly roasting fully-mature Espadín agave hearts on firewood embers, before natural fermentation with airborne yeast and a slow double-distillation in ceramic...

Don Amado Mezcal Anejo
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A regal take on what many consider to be an essentially rustic distillate, Don Amado Añejo shows amazing complexity beyond simple smoke, and is a great example how barrel flavors can complement rather than mask agave’s wild charms.Savory, mesquite aromas...

Don Amado Mezcal Arroqueno
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Rustic and refined, Don Amado Arroqueño is made from an enormous maguey species that requires 18 years to mature but is cultivatable, so ecologically sustainable while simultaneously wildly exotic and delicious.Bright floral aromatics of caramelized maguey, leather and soft smoke...

Don Amado Mezcal Largo
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The trunk-like hearts of this elongated 'karwinskii' maguey take 10-14 years to mature, and look like spiky desert trees growing wildly over the mountains of Southern Mexico. When harvested, the trunks are cooked together with typical round piñas of other...

Don Amado Mezcal Ensamble Tobala & Bicuishe
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On the nose, there are aromas of summer stonefruit, soft tea rose, and toasted red chiles peppers. The exotic tastes of Earl Grey tea, dried orange peel, candied mango, cinnamon, and faint woodiness lead to a smooth, jammy finish with...

Don Amado Mezcal Tripon, Barril, & Bicuishe
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There are alluring aromas of pastry being prepared: wild honey, green apple peel, tart cider, fragrant pear, and white grapes. The palate offers pure, bright sweetness, green herbs, and overripe nectarine, with a medium-length, smooth finish.Master Distiller: Germaín Arellanes ArellanesMade...