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Cozumel Rum Company

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Cozumel White Rum
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Carefully crafted white rum with a light note of aguardiente, crystal clear. Harmonic, smooth on the palate with fruity notes. Noble and appropriate for any cocktail… Single blended rum: sugarcane juice distilled in a copper pot still and molasses distilled...

Cozumel Anejo 5 Year Old Rum
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An outstanding single blended golden rum, matured in medium toasted American oak barrels. It opens with a delicately mild fruity nose. The palate is harmonic, features toasted grains, oak and a hint of smoke. Full bodied, notably warm and smooth...

Cozumel Spiced Rum
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A tribute to traditional Mayan cuisine. Remarkably aromatic. Subtle spiced bouquet, very harmonic. Full bodied, spicy note with a blend of chocolate and citrus stands out with a vanilla finish. Dry with delicious aftertaste. Along with the spicy note one...