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Burnside Whiskey

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Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon Whiskey
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A blended Bourbon Whiskey, balanced, robust and sweet. Combines big, bold flavors of 4 year bourbon with quaffable younger whiskeys. Gently charred oak complements bourbon’s vanilla notes with a dessert wash on the palate.Nose: Moderate woodiness with caramel undertones and...

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Burnside Goose Hollow RSV Bourbon Whiskey
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A blend of four Straight Bourbon Whiskeys aged in Oregon Oak barrels. Harmonious, unique and memorable. Bottled at 92 proof to allow the esters to shine. An ice cube is transformative.Nose: Robust oak, pine and smoky coals. Once aerated, notes...

Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey
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Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye is the world’s first rye whiskey aged in Quercus Garryana. The finished spirit is a meticulous blend of straight ryes and straight whiskeys ranging in age, mash-bill and distillation style; each with a distinctive flavor that...

Burnside West End Blend Whiskey
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Classic American Style Whiskey, Oregon-oaked in light and medium toasted barrels for tannins that play well with its sweet corn notes. Shareable spirit, light and vibrant, easy to mix or sip.Nose: Sweet biscuit and honeycomb with a bit of corn....