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Buffalo Trace Distillery

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Buffalo Trace Distillery Bundle #1 - Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, and Sazerac
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1x Buffalo Trace Bourbon 750mL1x Eagle Rare Bourbon 750mL1x Sazerac Rye 750mL

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Wheatley Vodka
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Craft Distilled by Master DistillerHarlen Wheatley and his dedicated team at theDistillery, Wheatley Vodka is made in small batches using Harlen’s one of a kind micro-still and a unique recipe of wheat and other grains. Distilled a total of 10...

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Harlen D. Wheatley CLIX Vodka
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Some years ago, Master Distiller Harlen Davis Wheatley decided to embark on a project to craft the perfect vodka. Through the commitment and meticulous craftsmanship of a dedicated team, HDW CLIX came to fruition. CLIX, or 159 in Roman numerals,...

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Buffalo Trace Distillery Bundle #2 - EH Taylor Small Batch, Benchmark, Southern Comfort, and Wheatley Vodka
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1x EH Taylor Small Batch 750mL1x Benchmark Bourbon 750mL1x Southern Comfort 750mL 1x Wheatley Vodka 750mL