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Brown Ale

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Newcastle Brown Ale
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Newcastle Brown Ale is a brand of beer produced by Heineken International. The beer was introduced in 1927 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, by Newcastle Breweries, which became Scottish & Newcastle in 1960. In 2005, brewing was moved out of...

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Lagunitas Brewing Wilco Tango Foxtrot
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Imperial Brown Ale that's rich, smooth, dangerous, and super chocolatey.

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Upland Brewing Darken 2017
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Barrel Aged Sour Brown Ale with spices aged in oak barrels.

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Alesmith Brewing Nut Brown
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Classic English-style ale is smooth, dark, and rich. A variety of specialty malts produce a brilliant dark brown color and a wonderful malt complexity. A light dose of East Kent Goldings and Styrian Goldings hops from England balance the malt...