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Boot Hill Distillery

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Boot Hill Distillery Prickly Ash Bitters
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Prickly Ash Bitters – the company defunct and their product out of production since the 1910s – now finds a new life as uniquely sweet and bitter American amaro produced by Kansas’ only soil-to-sip distillery, Boot Hill Distillery.Featuring such unique...

Boot Hill Distillery White Whiskey
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Boot Hill Distillery White Whiskey is the brash younger brother of our bourbon. Take our heavy-wheat bourbon mash bill, let it rest one week in charred American White Oak barrels, and then head straight into the bottle. Bold, unapologetic, and...

Boot Hill Distillery Red Eye Whiskey
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Boot Hill Distillery’s Red Eye Whiskey is a beautiful hand-crafted trail-aged, frontier-style Kansas whiskey. We take a mix of various barrel sizes and ages - a minimum of two months - that have been shifted throughout our barrel storage space....

Boot Hill Distillery Straight Wheat Whiskey
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Boot Hill Distillery is proud to bring you a 100% Straight Wheat Whiskey grown from our own Kansas farm. Using our highest quality hard red winter wheat and making only the narrowest of cuts in the distilling process ensures this...

Boot Hill Distillery Bourbon Whiskey
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It is finally here! Boot Hill Distillery Bourbon is Kansas’s first Soil-to-Sip craft Bourbon. Beginning in January of 2017, we filled our new, charred American White Oak, 53 gallon barrels with new-make whiskey using our 51% corn, 49% wheat mash....