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Bacoo 12 Year Old Rum
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Brilliant bronze color. Aromas and flavors of toasted fig bread, spiced chocolate pistachio toffee, tres leche cake, and crème brulee with a velvety, bright, fruity medium-to-full body and a tingling, engaging, long sarsaparilla with spumoni gelato, pink peppercorn, hint of...

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Bacoo 5 Year Old Rum
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Light copper color. Candied, funky aromas and flavors of caramel, soft papaya, hearts of palm, and banana with an oily soft, off-dry full body and a warming, interesting, long nut butter, toffee, and pineapple cake finish. A rich mouthfeel and...

Bacoo 8 Year Old Rum
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Copper color. Mature, toasty, inviting aromas of banana chip, hard caramel candy, dried orange, and geraniol with a round, lively, dryish full body and a peppery, very complex, endless caramelized starfruit, roasted nuts, toasty cedar, and raisin toast finish. A...

Bacoo 3 Year Old White Rum
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Bacoo White Rum is a premium Caribbean rum with a rich history and exceptional quality. It is made from the finest sugarcane molasses, which is fermented and distilled using traditional methods to create a smooth and full-bodied spirit. The rum...