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ASW Distillery

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ASW Distillery Fiddler Georgia Heartwood Bourbon Whiskey
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The same foraged high-wheat bourbon as our flagship Fiddler Unison, finished on staves of Georgia oak that our distilling team harvested and hand-charred. The 45% wheat content is unique for bourbons, leading to a sweet, smooth profile, despite its high...

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ASW Distillery Fiddler Unison Bourbon Whiskey
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A true ode to American Bourbon, perfect for campfires, concerts, and a killer Old Fashioned, Fiddler Unison Bourbon is a marriage of a foraged, wheated bourbon & our house-distilled high-malt bourbon.Notes of toffee, clove & citrus.

ASW Distillery Resurgens Rye Malt Whiskey
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A revival of the Appalachian-style ryes of yore, made from 100% malted rye (rather than unmalted rye and corn like most ryes). The result is a smooth, chocolatey rye that sips smooth & complex.Notes of chocolate, graham cracker & apricot.

ASW Distillery Duality Double Malt Whiskey
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Georgia's 1st-Ever Double Gold Medal Whiskey, Duality is also the world's 1st whiskey to mash, ferment & distill malted rye and malted barley in the same batch. It drinks like a rye, with the finish of a smoky single malt.Notes...

ASW Distillery Maris Otter Single Malt Whiskey
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Part of our Ameireaganach Series of Single Malts, Maris Otter is an unpeated, single varietal single malt that we distilled from the “holy grail” of brewing malts, Maris Otter, known for its pale, malty character. The Cask Strength version was...

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ASW Distillery Tire Fire Heavily Peated Single Malt Whiskey
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At 45 ppm phenol content, Tire Fire has the type of peat you find in Islay-style single malts. Distilled from 100% heavily peated malt from Inverness, Scotland, we then mature Tire Fire in new, charred oak for a unique twist.Notes...