Which drinks will suit your summer party | Summer Vibes

Which drinks will suit your summer party | Summer Vibes

You'd be forgiven if you'd forgotten what it's like to throw a summer party. This year, however, calendars are expected to be jam-packed with plans, which is cause for celebration. Whether you're going glamping with the girls, throwing a dinner party, or throwing a backyard barbecue, you might not think about the drinks. However, the food and beverages that accompany your event can add that extra special touch.

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Rather than adding to your to-do list, we've done the legwork and selected our top tipples to complement your summer soiree.

We might help you plan the perfect summer party and tailor it to your specific needs We can help you with everything from finding the perfect venue to organizing an exciting team event. Continue reading for the best event suggestions.


It can be difficult to find a location that checks all of the boxes. With so many locations to choose from, it is crucial to mention what is most important and appealing to your guests - is it quirky interiors, easy transport links, broadcast catering, or fabulous outdoor space to soak up the sun.  A great top tip is to solicit feedback after each party to determine what people want for the next one. You will feel more confident approaching venues that meet your needs once you have identified your key requirements.

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Include a theme with props and decorations to add a fun element to your summer soiree. They will make for great photos and will spark conversation among your guests. You can keep it simple or go all out; the choice is entirely yours.

Beach Party, Sports Day, and Tropical Paradise are some fun ideas to consider. Every event should offer something new and unexpected to the audience; it's fascinating to see how our guests interpret and transform the space.

Choose the ideal menu

 A flexible menu full of wholesome quality ingredients, easy-to-eat dishes, and some sweet treats to finish is essential to a good summer party, in our opinion. A BBQ can be the ideal choice, offering a meat feast for those who enjoy traditional ribs and burgers, as well as a vegetarian dream of grilled veggies, halloumi, bright colorful salads, and delicious grains.

Food can be served at a self-serve table or in small bowls, allowing guests to sample all of the offerings without being seated. Browse our BBQ menu for some ideas and inspiration!

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Serve cool beverages

A variety of refreshing drinks will keep everyone hydrated. Mocktails made from blended iced fruit juices are ideal or make a traditional homemade Pimm's. Dress it up with fresh cucumber slices, oranges, and fragrant mint for a pretty pitcher, and add some fizz to your party with bottles of bubbles or a pop-up bar.

 Our BBQ drink packages include a delectable selection of soft drinks, cocktails, and fizz!

Luminate the night

The enchantment of lanterns and solar twinkle lights... As dusk falls and the gardens begin to light up, it is the epitome of a summer evening. The party doesn't have to end at dusk. Bring your guests inside for music and dancing later in the evening.

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Set the tone with music

 A great playlist is a great way to add an instant atmosphere to any BBQ. To get the party started, pair that grilled quick steak sizzled with garlic and thyme with some cool jazz or make a mix of everyone's favorite summer jams.

If you are entertaining a large number of guests, consider hiring audio equipment to create a party atmosphere - just make absolutely sure you have access to plugs or a generator for power.

Here are the best summer cocktails for you to try! Classics like the minty Mojito and the tangy margarita are available, as are frozen drinks like daiquiris and pina Coladas. There are also gin and vodka cocktails, as well as fruity twists such as melon cocktails and peach margaritas. We really want to drink them all.


  • Classic Mojito
    The mojito is one of the most well-known summer drinks! With lime, rum, and fresh mint, this iconic Cuban cocktail is soothing and perfectly balanced. Perfect for when summer herbs are plentiful.
  • Aperol Spritz
    Bubbly, citrusy, herbal, subtly bitter, and lightly sweet. The Aperol spritz is a classic summer sipper! This drink is well-known throughout the world, peaking in popularity in the 2000s. But did you know it's a classic cocktail from the 1950s? For years, this Italian cocktail has captured hearts and minds. And it's completely worth the hype.


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  • Classic Pina Colada
    What could be a better summer signature cocktail than the pia colada? This recipe is the ideal combination of pineapple, lime, coconut, and rum. It only takes a few minutes to make with just five ingredients (plus ice).
  • Classic Margarita
    Of course, the margarita is appropriate at any time. But it is unquestionably the best summer cocktail! The classic recipe calls for tequila, lime, rum, and a salt rim. Perfection!
  • Vodka Spritzer
    This fruity and bubbly Vodka Spritzer is the perfect summer drink! It's just sweet enough with a subtle berry flavor, and it's tangy, refreshing, and sparkling all at the same time. Cranberry juice produces a brilliant red color, but because it is 100 percent juice, it is tart and crisp rather than saccharine. It makes a most enjoyable party drink that you won't want to stop drinking!
  • Red Sangria
    Sangria is another popular summer beverage. Nothing beats a fruity drink of traditional red sangria. Sangria is easily ruined in the United States by adding too much sugar or ginger ale. However, the traditional Spanish method emphasizes nuanced flavor. It's bold, fruity, and just the right amount of dry and sweet. Check the latest Sangria collection at our online liquor store.
  • Tequila Sunrise
    The tequila sunrise is a drink that yells summer cocktail! It's stunning, with the layered colors of a summer sunset. Even better, it's incredibly simple to make! There are only three ingredients required, and no special techniques or equipment are required. The flavor is light and sweet, with a hint of tequila.

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  • Watermelon martini
    Watermelon makes the best summer cocktails! Sweet melon is combined with vodka and tangy lime in this Watermelon Martini. It's incredibly refreshing, and that watermelon wedge garnish? A must-have
  • Whiskey Highball
    The iconic Whiskey Highball is upbeat and refreshing in the summer! This two-ingredient cocktail first appeared around the turn of the twentieth century and is still popular today. Why? It's light and refreshing, and it doesn't require any cocktail shakers or fancy additives to make!
  • Bay Breeze Cocktail
    Looking for a quick and easy summer cocktail? The Bay Breeze has arrived! It has a bright color and a sweet-tart flavor. It is also known as Hawaiian Sea Breeze. It has a carefree and beachy vibe and features the tropical taste of pineapple with vodka and raspberry juice. Check out Bay Breeze Recipe for more.

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  • Gin Rickey
    It's tall and bubbly, and it's one of the simplest cocktails to make. Gin Rickey is a must-try! This traditional cocktail was created in the 1880s and has remained popular ever since. That's because it's citrusy, giggly, and ineffably delicious.
  • Americano
    The Americano is a vintage cocktail that is ideal for summer. It's the original Negroni Cocktail’s inspiration and, in our opinion, tastes even better. It's bitter, complex, and fizzy all at the same time! It features Campari and vermouth and is both sophisticated and carefree.
  • Frozen Rose
    What's a summer drink list without frosé? Frost is a mashup of a frozen cocktail and that classic summery pink wine. The majority of frozen recipes are sickly sweet. However, this one is just sweet sufficiently and has a strong rose flavor. The only way to beat the heat!

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  • Ranch Water
    Ranch Water, a tequila highball made with lemon zest and Topo Chico, is the unofficial drink of West Texas. One of our closest friends, a Texan, suggested we try this drink and after just one sip, we were blown away! It's like a spunky, milder version of the old margarita, but with less sweetness and cocktails.
Other Summer Party ideas can be as follows:
  • A glamping staycation
    Nature is calling, so take off your heels and put on your wellies! Glamping is one of the most adaptable summer plans, suitable for everything from hen parties to family vacations. Glamping requires packing light and thinking ahead of time, so plan your food and drink ahead of time.

    We enjoy a traditional gin and tonic while glamping or camping. It's simple, fresh, and deliciously moreish. And what are the two essential ingredients for a gin and tonic? With ice and a slice!

    Check out top 11 cities for staycation in USA for your next plan.

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  • Family Picnic
    A picnic is a clear winner when it comes to a safe summer activity that the kids will enjoy. It's inexpensive, there's no need to pay for a venue, and there's plenty of space for the kids to burn off their picnic food. No picnic would be complete without a fantastic spread of snacks and beverages. Check out this Gummy Fish mocktail and this Watermelon Cooler for kids, or if you want to get more fruit into them, a smoothie is always a good idea.
  • Backyard BBQ
    No barbecue would be comprehensive without a few craft cocktails to keep things interesting. We particularly enjoy a Woo Woo, which always goes down well, and are smitten with this Mango and Strawberry Margherita, which puts a fun spin on the classic cocktail.

    If you're hosting a barbecue, you could be running out of fridge space and looking for creative ways to keep drinks cold. In addition to ice buckets, you could use garden planters or paddling pools, placing drinks at the bottom before layering with lots of ice.

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  • Outdoor festival
    You don't want to be messing around with mixers if you're going to a festival or an outdoor gathering. Make it simple for yourself by indulging in a refreshing can of cider, such as Kobbarburg. But, whatever you do, don't forget to bring a couple of ice buckets, some bags of Party Ice, and a cooler - there's nothing worse on a hot summer day than a warm, flat beverage!