Premium vodka flavors that will knock your socks off | Tease your tastebuds

Premium vodka flavors that will knock your socks off | Tease your tastebuds

 If you’re a vodka lover, you know that there are endless possibilities for flavors.  There is vodka for everyone, from the classics to the unusual. And, with so many options, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Flavored vodkas sometimes get a bad rap due to being poorly made flavored vodkas. The best-flavored vodkas are now as good as the best competition vodkas. Flavored vodkas are an excellent way to enhance the flavors of your favorite cocktail. I tried as many flavored vodkas as I could get my hands on, and these eleven stood out above the rest.

  1.  Absolut
    Overall best vodka
    Country of origin: Sweden
    Proof: 80

    Unlike many other vodkas on the market (including Smirnoff), Absolut includes no added sugar. This, combined with its premium taste and commitment to using only the finest ingredients, positions the brand as the world's best overall vodka.


    Image Credits: Pexel

    While the Absolut collection has a wide range of flavor options, its original, unflavored vodka should be a standard in any liquor cabinet. It's one of the purest vodkas on the market, with a crisp, pure flavor that's also replete and complex.

    Its low price point combined with ever-so-slight herbal notes makes it an excellent all-rounder no matter the occasion.

    It's a popular vodka all over the world, known for its iconic alchemist's bottle and mild, wheat aroma. It's made with locally grown wheat in the Swedish town of Hus and is smooth enough to drink neat or in cocktails to bring out the sugary notes.

    It's impossible to go wrong with Absolut vodka, whether you drink it chilled, with soda, or in a cocktail.

  2. Grey Goose
    Best top-shelf vodka
    Country of origin: France

    Proof: 80

    Grey Goose, one of the original ultra-premium vodkas just on market, is best served neat and has a wonderfully crisp taste with a smooth finish. Grey Goose is refined five times, which accounts for its smoothness. It has a clear, grainy nose and a peppery palate with a glimpse of star anise, making it one of the creamiest vodkas available.


    Image Credits: The Spruce Eats

    Its winemaker, who integrates alpine spring water with French winter wheat, is responsible for its expertise. The end result is a hint of charred charcoal with a burst of sweetness and spice.

    Grey Goose is entirely made in France, from the high-quality wheat used in the beginning to the bottle and packaging used to bottle the vodka.

    It's vodka made with superior ingredients and expert craftsmanship to create a deliciously seamless spirit that's endlessly enjoyable to drink. Check out our in-depth Grey Goose review to learn more about this fantastic vodka.

  3. Svedka
    Best value vodka
    Country of origin: Sweden

    Proof: 80

    Because of its low price, Svedka is an outstanding brand of vodka to keep on hand at all times. It's a column-distilled vodka made from Swedish grain crops and distilled five times. It has a peppery bite after a preliminary sweet note.

    It's another easy-to-drink vodka that, thanks to its relatively neutral flavor, works well in a variety of cocktails. To bring out the flavorings of this vodka, drink it with a mildly strong mixer. Then, before the bitter citrus finish, relish the clues of vanilla and mint.

    Image Credits: Established.


    Svedka, a combination of "Swedish" and "vodka," is a sure show stopper, with a bottle that's cheap but promises to mix well. Chill this booze for a few hours prior to actually stirring or wobbling it into your fav cocktail for the best results.

    Svedka is among the best vodkas currently offered for the price. The complete Svedka collection can be found in our brand review.

  4. Best high-end vodka
    Country of origin: Russia

    Proof: 80

    Beluga is titled after the most expensive caviar in the world, so it stands to reason that it also offers high-quality vodka. The vodka is made in western Siberia, Russia, with artesian water for the most authentic taste.

    Before bottling its famous spirit, Beluga brings honey, milk thistle, and oat to flavor it. With notes of vanilla, sage, white pepper, and cream, this remarkable vodka is impressively pure and smooth.

    It's been sifted multiple times via quartz sand and a silver filter, giving it a long and crisp vanilla finish. Beluga pledges a great vodka for sipping on a night or giving as a gift, thanks to its fine taste and premium packaging.

    Image Credits: Beluga Vodka

    Beluga stands head and shoulders above most other vodkas in the industry as one of the most premium vodkas available.

  5. Hangar 1
    Best tasting vodka
    Country of origin: USA

    Proof: 80

    Hangar 1 prides itself on paying close attention to detail throughout the distillation process. This small-batch vodka is made in an old airplane hangar near San Francisco in tiny Holstein Pot Stills and is a should for any vodka enthusiast.

    Whenever it gets to Hangar 1's Fog Point vodka, this artistry is palpable. It's a vodka created by the brand's Head Distiller that uses fog catchers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to convert fog into freshwater prior to actually blending with vodka filtered from Napa's Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc-Viognier wine.

    Image Credits: Imbibemagazine

    As a result, the spirit is impossibly smooth, with notes of pear, citrus, and honeysuckle. It's crystal clear, with a mildly sweet aroma and a plump, round flavor. This vodka is known for its numerous flavor notes, making it perfect for drinking neat.

    It's a superior vodka that's great value for money and a joy to drink.

  6. Khor
    Best bread grain vodka
    Country of origin: USA

    Proof: 80

    Khor is a premium vodka brand in every sense. From its state-of-the-art silver filtration technologies to its intricate birch and alder tree charcoal filter system, Khortytsa is a vodka brand you’ll want to appreciate before you’ve even taken the first sip. While it’s designed for cocktails, its smooth, balanced, soft notes make Khor a great choice for sipping neat, too. Try Khor’s Platinum if you’re looking for a distinct, premium offering with a one-of-a-kind platinum filtration.

    Image Credits: Nerdbot
  7. Tito’s Vodka
    Gluten-free vodka
    Country of origin: USA

    Proof: 80

    Image Credits: Tito’s Vodka

    Tito's Vodka is not only gluten-free vodka but also handcrafted. Tito's is known for checking all the packages when it tends to come to budget, crunchiness, taste, and a smooth finish, making it difficult to pass up on any kind of drinking opportunity. Tito distills its vodka six times in a pot still (a rare thing for vodka due to the additional labor required) and filters it through activated carbon. Its slight sweetness is due to its high corn content, and its enduring popularity is due to its versatility.

  8. Ciroc
    Best-rated vodka
    Country of origin: France

    Proof: 80

    Ciroc vodka varies from many popular market options in that it is made from grapes instead of grains or potatoes. It's an elevated vodka with an intriguing flavor that has been charcoal-filtered. The original, unflavored bottle is a popular option all over the world, and it works well as the sipping of vodka or in cocktails.

    Image Credits: Foodsided

    Ciroc vodka is made from grapes cultivated high in the Gaillac region of France and is distilled five times before bottling. It employs a cold yeast process to make sure the best flavors and provides a pretty unique and exceptionally crisp flavor.

    This ultra-premium vodka is as seamless as anticipated, enticing a drink that's enjoyable regardless of what it's mixed with. Cocktail enthusiasts can also take advantage of Ciroc's extensive line of imbued and flavored vodkas, with the white grape and peach variations proving popular. Check out the full list of Ciroc vodkas here.

    Ciroc is without a doubt one of the most distinguishable vodkas in the segment, kudos to its distillation process and meticulous attention to detail. Hpnotiq vodka is the only other brand when it comes close.

  9. Belvedere
    Smoothest vodka
    Country of origin: Poland

    Proof: 80

    This premium vodka is known as one of the classiest on the market, and it's a pleasure to drink neat. Belvedere is a Polish vodka made with Dankowskie Gold Rye at the Polmos Zyrardow distillery (recognized as the origin of all vodka). The high starch content of this rye gives the vodka a velvety soft level, confirming its position at the top.

    It's distilled with a four-column still and local Polish water, then charcoal sieved and bottled. Everything about Belvedere, from the delectable spirit inside to the elegant, translucent bottle, lives up to its name, which equates to "beautiful to behold."


    Image Credits: Adweek

    Belvedere is a fragrant vodka with a lemon zest undertone and an awesome, lingering finish. With a spotless entry and an unbiased, fresh mountain air nose, it's very easy to drink. It has a fruity and black pepper flavor and should be enjoyed over ice or in an ice-cold shot glass.

    Belvedere vodka is a top-tier brand with elegant packaging and absolutely flawless content that should be consumed in moderation. To learn more about the brand, view our most recent Belvedere Vodka price list by the bottle.

  10. Burnetts
    Best American-made vodka
    Country of origin: USA

    Proof: Ranging from 80 - 100

    Image Credits: Burnetts Vodka Pinterest


    Burnett's Vodka embodies the carefree, young American party lifestyle. And we believe that is a good thing. Burnett's is the trump card to endless cocktail nights and the discovery of your new favorite long drink, available in a plethora of colors and flavors (such as niche options like Orange Cream and Sweet Tea). It's just like the vodka equivalent of Pokemon: once you've tried a few flavors, you'll want to catch them all.

  11. UV Vodka
    Best flavored vodka
    Country of origin: USA

    Proof: 80

    Image Credits: Luxe Digital

    If you're looking for something a little sweeter, UV Vodka is hard to beat. UV Vodka, which is available in an increasing number of flavors (currently upwards of 14), bridges the gap between innately infused spirits and a healthy dose of fun. When it comes to the best vodka brands, it's essentially the life of the party: a brilliant, budget-friendly option to bring along to social functions when a standard bottle of clear vodka just won't do. It gets points for its quadruple distillation and sleek flavor.

  12. Pinnacle
    Best vodka for a Bloody Mary
    Country of origin: France

    Proof: 80

    Pinnacle vodka is made with the same French grain and water as Grey Goose. It's a crisp vodka with a fresh nose and intimations of citrus, vanilla, and wheat. It's a strong vodka that, while better served chilled, can also be enjoyed at room temperature.


    Image Credits: Spirited Zines 

    Pinnacle vodka has a variety of light-tasting notations that make it an ideal vodka base for a variety of cocktails. It's been refined five times for maximum smoothness, and it's a little peppery with a neutral aftertaste. It's crystal clear, with notes of nectar rind and ripe tomato. This smidgen of tomato makes it ideal for a Bloody Mary.

  13. Skyy
    Best vodka for a Martini
    Country of origin: USA

    Proof: 80

    Skyy vodka is among the first vodkas entirely made from grains and water sourced in the United States. It's a centrist bottle made with four columns of distillation that has hints of flavor with hardly any bitterness.

    This filtration process yields smooth vodka with a wonderful blend of flavors and aromas.


    Image Credits: FYNK

    Because of its low cost and accessibility, it is one of the most well-known vodkas in the world. For its light flavor, this vodka is intended to be blended into cocktails to bring out the complementary flavors of the other additives. With its glamorous bottle and classic aroma, this vodka is smooth and pleasant for the price.

    Skyy vodka's flavor profile also makes it the ideal base for a Martini. Try it along with vermouth and a lime twist for the ideal afternoon sipping a cocktail.

  14. Spirytus Rektyfikowany
    Strongest vodka
    Country of origin: Poland

    Proof: 192

    Polish Distillery Spirytus produces the world's strongest vodka, as well as the world's strongest widely viable alcohol. This vodka has a whopping 192 Proof or 96 percent ABV and is made from premium ethyl alcohol obtained from agricultural cereals. While Spirytus could be drunk neat due to its obnoxiously high alcohol content, it can serve as a useful base for cocktails if used sparingly.

    Image Credits: Pexels

    Spirytus is frequently used to flavor homemade fruit and ayurvedic liqueurs or vodkas, as well as desserts. For its high alcohol content, Spirytus has a strong bite and must not be consumed unless strongly diluted first.

    Its name literally translates to "alcohol" in Polish and is frequently used to imbue Polish medicinal tinctures known as Nalewka.

  15. Crystal Head
    Vodka for a Cosmopolitan
    Country of origin: Canada

    Proof: 80

    Crystal Head's one-of-a-kind bottle shape makes it a conversation starter whether you're drinking it at the bar or mixing this into a cocktail at home. Despite becoming an unflavored vodka, Crystal Head is recognized for its subtle sweetness. This Canadian vodka is distilled from "peaches and cream" corn before being distilled through layers of quartz known as Herkimer diamonds.

    Image Credits: Nuvo Magazine

    It makes a deliciously flavorful vodka with notes of cake vanilla icing and toasted corn using glacial water from Newfoundland. Peach, black pepper, lemon, or other fruits are among the other notes. It's almost creamy in texture, with hints of vanilla all across and a one-of-a-kind bottle to exhibit it in. It's easy to see why Crystal Head is an award-winning brand.

    Make the most of this nuanced sweetness by making the perfect Cosmopolitan with Crystal Head. Before shaking with ice into a cocktail glass and serving with a lime wedge, combine it with triple sec, cranberry, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice.

    Crystal Head deserves to be on the top shelf because it has been filtered 7 times and packaged without additives.