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Wright & Brown White Rum


Wright & Brown White Rum uses 100% Grade A Black Strap Molasses from a farm in Georgia. Black strap molasses is the inkiest, most bitter of the sugar byproducts and adds a beautiful depth of character to the rum that is both buttery and floral. Giving you a true taste of what an artisanal American rum should taste like. White most rum is made in a column still, this rum is distilled in a 250 gal. Vendome Copper Pot Still - the same used to make W&B whiskeys. This process gives the white rum a fun and funky earthiness. 


Between the pure, un-adultered, creamy floral notes and the savory finish from the pot distillation, this white rum is perfect for cocktails. It's flavor and body provides a great balance to sweeter, more tropical flavors, particularly in rum punches or other traditional tiki concoctions.


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