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Vinn Distillery Baijiu 99

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Vinn Distillery’s Baijiu 99 was designed specifically for bartenders as well as those curious enough to age their own rice whiskey. Building upon seven generations of baijiu (pronounced “bye joe”) distillation knowledge, master distillers Kim Trinh and daughter Lien Ly have crafted a traditional rice aroma baijiu based on the demands of the contemporary cocktail bartender. While most styles of baijiu are made from sorghum, Vinn Distillery’s baijiu are made from 100% rice, which makes for a softer, smoother expression of the spirit. Northern California grown, non-GMO, premium Calrose white rice, water, and a rice-based starter culture called qu (pronounced “chew”) are fermented for three months using parallel fermentation before being pot distilled twice in stills built by the late Phan Ly. This rice aroma style baijiu is left unaged and bottled unfiltered for an unadulterated experience. Arresting aromas of oyster mushroom, toasted almond, grilled pork, and soy sauce precede a palate which echoes the nose with the addition of sunflower seed, peanut butter, millet, and a hint of banana pudding. Non-chill filtered; 49.5% ABV.

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