The Hess Collection Hess Select Rosé 2019 at Del Mesa Liquor
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The Hess Collection Hess Select Rosé 2019

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A bright wine with notes of red berries and stone fruit, and elegant finish. Balanced on the palate and easy to enjoy!

Vineyard and production: The Hess winemaking team likes to explore California’s best wine growing appellations in search of family focused sustainable viticulture. California’s plentiful sunshine ensures a consistent and long grape growing season, which provides flavorful fruit with layers of character from which our winemakers create distinct wines. To craft Hess Select Rosé, they identified vineyard sites producing grapes with approachable acids and balanced fruit notes, the ideal foundation for this crisp, bright and inviting wine.

Vintage 2019 began slightly later than normal in some areas, but nonetheless delivered superb results. Spring was marked by occasional rains, which brought welcome soil saturation, and cooler temperatures, which allowed fruit to mature at a steady pace. Summer helped the grapevines to ripen and catch up from their late start, and conditions continued to be almost ideal throughout August and September. The warm days and cool nights of the Fall season allowed gradual sugar accumulation and longer hang times, promising fruit of the highest quality with structural beauty from balanced tannin, sugar and acid levels. Harvest began slightly later than normal in some areas, but with the grapevines able to mature their fruit due to a warm, dry autumn. Fruit was picked at its peak, promising exceptional flavor in bottle.
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