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Siembra Metl Jorge Perez Quiote Mezcal


Siembra Metl Quiote from Jorge Perez is made with Alto maguey, however, it’s not your standard Alto production, where the entire giant piña is used (and still only yields about six liters). This spirit was made using the quiote and mezonte of the agaves. The producer let the agaves reach maturity so deeply that they began to surge their starches to the center of the plant, and then up the growing quiote stalk. Letting the quiote begin to sprout centralizes those starches in the heart of the piña, called the mezonte, and the bottom half of the quiote stalk. This expression features those parts of the mature plant and the unique aromas and flavors that only those sections can provide. Jorge’s production is generally lactic, and this spirit is distilled with lemongrass inside the still. The inclusion of lemongrass adds a citric and herbaceous counterpoint to his lactic style, but it’s a distinctly “Jorge” spirit.

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