Los Azulejos Talavera Happy Holidays! Edition Anejo Tequila at Del Mesa Liquor
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Los Azulejos Talavera Happy Holidays! Edition Anejo Tequila

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Talavera is a world-renowned Mexican artform appreciated and displayed throughout the world. 

Our ceramic bottles are individually hand crafted then skillfully hand painted by local Mexican artisans. Using beautifully vibrant colors in traditional talavera patterns, these bottles are collectable pieces of art in and of themselves. We boast several unique designs and selections to be admired on your shelf, bar or kitchen.

The Talavera line is also where our first passion lies. Supporting local artists. We appreciate the skill level and acknowledge the struggles that come with being a Mexican Artisan. This is why we have always strived to sustain and value local Mexican Artisans as much as we can. For us, it is important to support local families and display authentic Mexican works of art rather than simply creating hundreds of identical bottles that come off of an assembly line. We believe in their work and believe this is what truly separates us from the rest. We appreciate the artisans’ time, dedication, and artistic ability and feel that those efforts are truly reflected in our bottles.

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