La Venenosa Raicilla Etnica Tutsi at Del Mesa Liquor
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La Venenosa Raicilla Etnica Tutsi

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La Venenosa Tutsi, Mai is an agave spirit made by Maestro Don Rafael. He is of the Wizradikan people, aka Huichole, of NW Jalisco. This Tutsi is single distilled in a Tree Trunk still. Agave Mai is believed to be a wild Angustifolia of the region. This batch is bottled at 41.1% abv, with out water.

 This is an explosive spirit; the nose is bright with notes of woodshop, lime leaf and cooked agave. At first taste it quickly expands and coats, giving the feeling of chewing on the aromas. The aromatic notes continue through on the palate with a touch of bitter melon. The acidy is high leaving the mouth watering. There is a light numbing effect, which is a surprise at this abv.

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