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High West Silver OMG Pure Rye Whiskey


OMG had a different meaning in the 1800’s - Old MononGahela rye. Western Pennsylvania’s Monongahela river was the site of America’s first civil war, the Whiskey rebellion of 1794. In the 1800’s, whiskey production boomed and this area became the epicenter of American distilling. Because Monongahela rye took longer to get to markets on the East coast, historians think the world began to expect whiskey should be barrel-aged. OMG was considered so marvelous that it became the standard spirit of the young nation, even earning a shout out in Melville’s Moby Dick (“unspeakable old monongahela”). High West is proud to bring back this true American spirit as originally made with 100% rye grain. While it patiently ages to become true OMG, we thought you might like the unaged version because its, OMG good!

High West Distillery was founded in 2006 by David Perkins and his wife, Jane. David, a former biochemist, was inspired to open his own distillery after seeing the parallels between the fermentation and distilling process and his own work in biochemistry during a trip to the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. In 2004, David and his family relocated to Park City, Utah to begin their new venture, where they began distilling in 2007. They chose Park City because of David’s love of the Old West and Utah’s little-known whiskey history (see Utah’s Distilling History for more).

High West began with humble roots, opening a small, 250-gallon still and Saloon in an historic livery stable and garage. What was once a small operation in downtown Park City has grown to be an internationally-recognized brand with four unique locations. In 2015, High West opened their distillery in Wanship, Utah, which acts as a space for educational whiskey tasting, pairings and tours, and houses a 1600-gallon copper pot still. Meanwhile, the Saloon continues to operate as a must-visit gastro-distillery, featuring alpine-inspired western fare alongside the original still, the Nelson Cottage offers unique whiskey-paired dinners, and the Saloon at the Salt Lake City airport allows for some last tastes of High West on the way out of town.

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