El Jolgorio Tobaziche Mezcal
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El Jolgorio Tobaziche Mezcal

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Part of the El Jolgorio Special Release series, El Jolgorio Tobasiche quickly gained high praises within the El Jolgorio family of mezcals for its wide-ranging, layered complexity of flavor. The 2019 release was produced by the legendary Pedro Vasquez, at his home distillery in the small town of El Palmar. Located in Miahuatlán, about two hours away from his family's ranch at Lachigui, Tio Pedro's distillery at El Palmar is equally as sacred. Simply put, Tio Pedro is a living legend and is one of the few mezcaleros who has a devout following in the evolving mezcal category. The wild agave Tobasiche (A. Karwinskii) is at times identified as Cuixe or Largo in some regional dialects. It is in the same family as Cuixe, Madrecuixe, and Barríl. Its leaves often begin growing midway up the piña, leaving a barren, stalk-like portion at the bottom. Tobasiche can grow extremely tall and unwieldy, making it cumbersome to harvest. The resulting mezcal, however, is sublime.
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