Compass Box 'Menagerie' Scotch Whisky at Del Mesa Liquor
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Compass Box 'Menagerie' Scotch Whisky

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Compass Box Menagerie Scotch Whisky is a blended Scotch whisky from the renowned Compass Box Whisky Company. This unique blend is composed of various single malt and single grain Scotch whiskies, carefully selected and blended to create a distinct and complex flavor profile. The Menagerie is characterized by its rich and elegant notes of honey, fruit, and spice. The whiskey is bottled at 46% alcohol by volume, giving it a satisfyingly full-bodied and well-balanced finish. Menagerie is a limited release and a must-try for Scotch whisky enthusiasts looking for a truly unique and complex taste experience. The Compass Box Whisky Company is known for their experimentation with blending and the use of non-traditional cask, which makes this whiskey a perfect representation of their approach to craftsmanship.

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