Bottle Logic Brewing 'Continuous Ignition' BA Caramel Coffee Stout 2022 at Del Mesa Liquor
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Bottle Logic Brewing 'Continuous Ignition' BA Caramel Coffee Stout 2022

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Bourbon Barrel-Aged Double Mash Stout finished with Mostra Coffee and Caramel

Continuous Ignition is utilized in turbojet engines to ensure they don't stall or flame out during takeoff, landing, turbulence, or bad weather. Really, all the same things a continuous coffee drip does for us humans.

An exercise in blending, this beer combines double and single mash Rye Imperial Stout recipes aged in a medley of Four Roses, Heaven Hill, Bernheim, Henry McKenna, and Old Fitzgerald barrels for a rich and robust complexity.

Similarly, our Cellarman Jasper Gallardo worked with the Mostra team to develop a toffee-toned blend of their Vietnam Lotus and Guatemala Santa Rosa beans to steep in the finished liquid, imbuing it with decadent flavors of dark chocolate, butterscotch, and honey-roasted almonds. The release was ultimately finished with swirls of silky sweet caramel, for a brilliant brûléed sugar sweetness that perfectly complements the coffee character.

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