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Barrell Bourbon Batch #030


Barrell Bourbon Batch 30 is a blend of straight Bourbon Whiskeys distilled in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Wyoming in American white oak barrels. An old-school bourbon that deftly balances the individuality of its many sources, incorporating notes of bright French cider with an array of subtle herbs, florals, and the richness of pumpkin pie. The oak is restrained, suggesting coconut and baking spices without overshadowing the spirit's innate complexity. 

On the nose is bright and perfumed notes of French cider, infected with quince and a touch of apple cider vinegar. As your nose adjusts, peach cobbler, pumpkin, and fig take over. The palate profile has a sweet and tightly focused entry, tasting of coffee ice cream in an oatmeal raisin cookie sandwich.

The finish is a burst of caramel and milk chocolate that overwhelms the palate. As it fades, the tongue is left with rich, almost fatty notes of orgeat, chestnut honey, and beeswax. An exhale through the nose carries quite the opulent aromas of molasses and fig.


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