Irish, Scotch, American, Canadian, Japanese.

“Blend” the unique five “world five whiskeys” rich in history and climate, to create new personality. It is a new challenge that has never existed even in the history of Suntory ‘s whiskey that lasts about a century.

Suntory’s blend aims at’ harmony = harmony ‘which summarizes the individuality of various sake as represented by’ Hibiki’. On the other hand, what I aimed at “Ao” is based on “harmony”, but it is a blend of different approaches to make the best use of the individualities of the five largest whiskeys in the world and overlap each other did.

Because it is a blend of various personality superimposed, the personality feels different in various scenes . The flavor that comes out depending on the way you drink and temperature etc. differs, the personality that you feel also depends on the drinker may change. Pomp and profoundness, kindness and strength, such as next to the contrary facial expression I think that there is also even be felt in alignment.

It is greatly appreciated if you discover the versatile personality of “Ao” that changes with various scenes and drinking methods and enjoy it with your favorite style.

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