If you’ve been paying attention, we’ve said for years that we had stock of the Old Scout Whiskeys, they just weren’t mature yet, and we were holding off to bottle and sell them until they were ready. Old Scout Bourbon became ready for market last Fall. Now Old Scout Rye is ready. It is the same 95/5 mashbill as every other Old Scout Rye, it’s just younger than you’re used to. +4YO. And it’s so good at cask strength we decided to bottle it that way – and ONLY that way – this time around. Will Old Scout Rye 99 Proof ever be back? Will Barrel picks be available for Old Scout Rye? The answer to both of those questions is: we hope so. It all depends on the passage of time, the precision of our inventory, and whether or not we all turn into zombies between now and next year.



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