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Rinomato Aperitivo Deciso


RINOMATO is a line of aperitivi produced in the heart of Italy’s historic aperitivo region – Asti, Piedmont. This collaboration between legendary barman Giancarlo Mancino and his American partners, boasts these beautifully balanced and classic products that root themselves in the aperitivi traditions of 19th-century northern Italy.

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Botanicals: Bitter orange peel, peppermint, chiretta, gentian, cinchona bark, rhubarb, myrrh, wormwood (multiple), turmeric root, clove, angelica, vanilla, licorice

Tasting Notes: Rich aromas of orange peel, vanilla, gentian root, cinchona bark, and wormwood. An initial sweetness on the palate carries those aromas into a long and ever-intensifying bitter finish that remains in perfect balance with texture and spice.

– Long drinks (e.g. with grapefruit soda, ginger ale, tonic)
– Spritz / sparkling wine cocktails
– Agave and gin based cocktails
– Lighter variations on classics calling for bitter liqueur

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