Originating from a spirited family with over 25 years in the tequila industry, El Sativo is a sipping waterfall of stone fruits and amazing notes found only in the lowlands of Amititan, Jalisco, known as the sacred grounds of Tequila.  A Single Estate masterpiece and the winner of two 2020 double gold awards, including Tequila of the Year (San Francisco Spirits World Competition).

El Sativo sets itself apart by utilizing a special distillation method that naturally highlights the Agave plant’s precious resources known to have Mood Lifting and Energy Boosting properties that exemplify #SoSativo.

We are proud to be OK Kosher certified and our bottles are 100% Smart Combustible Recycled Glass with Organic Soluble Labels. Every Bottle Sold Gives Back To Ocean Conservancy.

Truly “A Better Tequila for a Better World.”