The full lineup of Russell’s Reserve available now!

  • Russell’s Reserve produces some of the best rye whiskeys and 104 proof , non-chill filtered single barrel rye meets the mark with a unique balance of spicy pepper, vanilla and tobacco flavors. Delicious on it’s own or switch it up with your normal cocktail choice.


  • Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon, bottled at 90 proof, is personally hand selected by Master Distiller Eddie Russell and this small batch bourbon has a rich profile, with flavors of caramel and vanilla and a delectably smooth finish.


  • 2002 marked the first non-chill filtered, barrel proof bourbon from Russell’s Reserve and has a nose of stone fruits, pear, citrus, oak and a hint of white pepper. It features notes of grapefruit, white chocolate and gentle spice with a finish that is long and malty with notes of cream, banana and coconut.


  • Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is handpicked and then matured in only the deepest No. 4 “alligator” char, American White Oak barrels. Individually bottled at 110 proof and non-chill filtered to guarantee maximum flavor, each barrel has its own unique personality yet still captures the uniquely rich, creamy toffee and vanilla taste purveyors of Russell’s Reserve have come to know.